About Prime Medical

We are guided by a simple mission: to purposefully do good in the world. That’s why, in every way, we meaningfully put science, technology, innovation, and heart to work, creating safer environments through smarter products.

We expect a lot from ourselves. So should you. Why? Because threaded through our innovative fabrics and woven into the fibers of who we are is a promise: that we are Made to be More®, and that—from our products to our company to our ideals and beliefs—we are consciously dedicated to improving the lives of others.

Our Team

Jim Sampey

Chief Executive Officer

Bryan Tye

Chief Operating Officer

Wayne Wilson

EVP Mfg & Product Development

Byron Davidson

Chief Medical Officer

Greg Rauckhorst

Chief Financial Officer

Steve Glover

Chief Commercial Officer

Wendy Brady

VP Marketing

Brig. Gen. Chip Diehl

Senior Advisor

Steve Murphy

VP Regional Sales

Leigh Veasey

VP Regional Sales

Lyn Troesken

VP Regional Sales

Tonya Stewart

Direct Sales Support