I N D U S T R  I E S

Environmental Services

We know what goes into changing ordinary privacy curtains. Setting up a ladder. Wrestling with oversized fabric. Trying to attach all those hooks on the track. And, honestly, we think it’s time it stopped: because no one has time for that.

Our privacy curtains are designed to be hung while you stand on the ground, on your own two feet. In under 60 seconds, simply snap the fresh, antimicrobial panels directly to the mesh topper.

Because each piece is a manageable measurement, every panel is a perfect fit so you never have to hunt for the right size. Plus, thanks to the bleach-friendly, fade-resistant color, the panels look great wash after wash. And in between washes? You can trust that our chlorine-shield curtains—and all of our apparel—can bind chlorine for up to 12 weeks. Which means our curtains do more (much more!) than simply hang out.

See for yourself how easy it is to put up our curtains.

Protected by the power of bleach™  |  Odor-free and safe for skin  |  Resists discoloration from bleach-based products

Safe for Skin

The fabric technology has been rigorously tested and passes ISO skin irritation and skin sensitivity tests. (BioSmart technology has not been tested for allergens. If an allergic reaction is suspected, the individual should discontinue use.)

No Bleach Odor

The ingenious BioSmart technology binds chlorine to fabrics without retaining a bleach odor. After laundering with bleach per instructions, the fabric is sanitized and shielded for a lasting defense and a confident clean.